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 L4D vocalize Commands

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PostSubject: L4D vocalize Commands   Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:08 pm

vocalize CallForRescue
vocalize EatPills
vocalize elevator_conversation
vocalize EmphaticArriveRun
vocalize PlayerAlertGiveItem
vocalize PlayerAreaClear
vocalize PlayerAskReady
vocalize PlayerChoke
vocalize PlayerCoverMe
vocalize PlayerDeath
vocalize PlayerFollowMe
vocalize PlayerFriendlyFire
vocalize PlayerHealing
vocalize PlayerHealingOther
vocalize PlayerHelp
vocalize PlayerHurrah
vocalize PlayerHurryUp
vocalize PlayerImWithYou
vocalize PlayerIncapacitated
vocalize PlayerIncoming
vocalize PlayerKillThatLight
vocalize PlayerLaugh
vocalize PlayerLeadOn
vocalize PlayerLedgeHangEnd
vocalize PlayerLedgeHangMiddle
vocalize PlayerLedgeHangStart
vocalize PlayerLedgeSave
vocalize PlayerLedgeSaveCritical
vocalize PlayerLookOut
vocalize PlayerMoveOn
vocalize PlayerNegative
vocalize PlayerNiceJob
vocalize PlayerNiceShot
vocalize PlayerNo
vocalize PlayerReviveFriend
vocalize PlayerSorry
vocalize PlayerSpotAmmo
vocalize PlayerSpotFirstAid
vocalize PlayerSpotGrenade
vocalize PlayerSpotPills
vocalize PlayerStayTogether
vocalize PlayerTaunt
vocalize PlayerThanks
vocalize PlayerVomitInFace
vocalize PlayerWaitHere
vocalize PlayerWarnBoomer
vocalize PlayerWarnCareful
vocalize PlayerWarnHunter
vocalize PlayerWarnSmoker
vocalize PlayerWarnTank
vocalize PlayerWarnWitch
vocalize PlayerWatchOutBehind
vocalize PlayerYes
vocalize PlayerYouAreWelcome
vocalize ResponseSoftDispleasureSwear
vocalize ReviveMeInterrupted
vocalize ScenarioJoin
vocalize smartlook
vocalize YouWelcome
vocalize elevator_conversation - Starts one of the elevator conversations

When binding : bind "1" "vocalize smartlook"
With the "!
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L4D vocalize Commands
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